It is the responsibility of schools to teach good behavior in addition to providing formal education To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is the responsibility of schools to teach good behavior in addition to providing formal education To what extent do you agree or disagree?

To this day, the prime and pivotal purpose of educational institutes has always been providing children with academic knowledge and information. However, some individuals believe that teaching young people to behave themselves should also be one of teachers’ duties. Personally, I strongly disagree with the idea, and I will present arguments from both parents’ and schools’ perspectives to support my viewpoint.

To begin with, educational institutions should never be held responsible for their students’ bad behaviors. Firstly, acknowledging a series of misbehaviors and teaching children not to conduct in such inappropriate manner requires a great deal of endeavor and time which a small group of teachers cannot afford. Given the fact that the number of students exceedingly outnumbers that of educators in a typical school, it would be impossible for teachers to simultaneously accommodate youngsters with precise knowledge and also carefully show them how to behave appropriately. Secondly, teachers usually appear less powerful and influential than the parents in the eyes of children.Therefore, if a kid misbehaves, it will be much more difficult for the teacher to stop him from repeating the same action in the future compared to his parents. For example, in Vietnam, while there are so many regulations that forbid educators to punish students behaving wrongly, which impede the school correction on those children, their parents can penalize them in a much more effective way without accusation.

In addition, in terms of family education, parents must be the ones who raise their offspring into benevolent and well-behaved individuals. Before school age, babies mostly spend time with mothers and fathers, and they constantly mimic and imitate adults’ manners, thereby contributing significantly to the kids’ characteristics in the future. Hence, it is parents’ responsibility to mold infants’ character during that period. Furthermore, mothers and fathers understand their sons or daughters better than teachers, so they will have a more suitable and efficient approach to correct misbehavior in youngsters. For instance, whereas detention is virtually the only punishment that teachers can give to a student, parents can adjust the penalties according to the kids’ personalities. To illustrate, if the kid who has behaved badly is slightly rebellious and stubborn, given that the parents know that, they will choose to gently advise or indicate that their actions were not righteous instead of directly yelling at them, which could make the situation worse.

To encapsulate, due to the aforementioned reasons regarding the limited authority of teachers on children and the deep influence that every parent has on their kids, I once again reaffirm my position that showing students how to behave nicely is not at all the duty of the teachers but the parents.

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