The plans below show a student room for two people and a student room for one person at an Australian university. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The plans below show a student room for two people and a student room for one person at an Australian university. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The diagrams presented offer valuable insights into the layouts of student rooms at an Australian university. One room is designed for a single occupant, while the other is meant for two students. Despite having similar dimensions, both rooms are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of their occupants. The university seems to cater to different preferences, whether students value privacy or enjoy shared experiences.

Taking a closer look at the solo student room, which costs $200 per week, it provides a private and simple space. The room features a single bed, a study desk, and a compact bathroom conveniently located nearby. Notably, the desk is positioned close to a window, potentially providing natural light for studying.

In contrast, the room for two students, priced at $350 weekly, promotes a sense of shared camaraderie. Interestingly, both rooms have the same dimensions. The shared bathroom and side window are similar to the solo room, but the furniture arrangement sets it apart. This room includes twin beds, individual study desks for each student, and additional shared furniture such as a bookshelf, cupboard, table, and chairs.

Gợi ý nâng cấp từ vựng

  1. "Valuable insights" -> "Invaluable insights"
    Explanation: Replacing "valuable" with "invaluable" intensifies the significance of the insights provided by the diagrams, suggesting they are beyond just valuable, making them essential and extremely useful.

  2. "Uniquely tailored" -> "Individually tailored"
    Explanation: "Individually tailored" emphasizes the customization for each room, suggesting a more personal and specific adaptation to meet the occupants’ distinct needs.

  3. "Cater to different preferences" -> "Accommodate diverse preferences"
    Explanation: "Accommodate diverse preferences" highlights the university’s ability to address a wide range of preferences, emphasizing a broader and more inclusive approach.

  4. "Solo student room" -> "Individual student accommodation"
    Explanation: "Individual student accommodation" provides a more comprehensive description of the room designed for one person, avoiding potential repetition and adding a formal touch.

  5. "Promotes a sense of shared camaraderie" -> "Fosters a communal atmosphere"
    Explanation: "Fosters a communal atmosphere" conveys a deeper sense of community and togetherness, emphasizing the creation or nurturing of a shared environment.

  6. "Priced at $350 weekly" -> "With a weekly rate of $350"
    Explanation: Restructuring the sentence provides a smoother flow while maintaining clarity regarding the price of the room for two students.

  7. "Sets it apart" -> "Distinguishes it"
    Explanation: "Distinguishes it" succinctly expresses how the room for two students differs from the solo room, highlighting its unique features without redundancy.

Band điểm Task Achivement ước lượng: 7

Band Score: 7.0

The essay adequately covers the requirements of the task by summarizing the main features of the two student rooms and making relevant comparisons. It provides a clear overview of the differences between the single and double occupancy rooms, addressing the key points of layout, cost, and amenities. The response, however, could be more fully developed in certain areas, such as elaborating on the significance of the shared furniture in the double occupancy room.

How to improve:
To enhance the response and potentially move to a higher band score, consider providing more details on the significance of the shared furniture in the double occupancy room. Additionally, ensure that the information presented is more fully extended, offering a deeper analysis of the room layouts and their implications for students’ preferences. Expanding on the potential advantages and drawbacks of each room type would contribute to a more comprehensive response.

Band điểm Coherence & Cohesion ước lượng: 7

Band Score: 7.0

The essay demonstrates a logical organization of information with clear progression throughout. The introduction effectively sets the stage by introducing the topic and specifying the focus on student rooms in an Australian university. The body paragraphs further develop the comparison between the solo and shared student rooms, providing a comprehensive overview of their features and cost. The use of cohesive devices is generally appropriate, contributing to the overall coherence of the essay. The essay maintains a central topic within each paragraph, with a clear distinction between the two types of student rooms.

How to improve:
To enhance cohesion, consider using a wider variety of cohesive devices to strengthen the connections between sentences and paragraphs. While the essay is logically organized, a more explicit transition between the discussion of the solo room and the shared room could further improve coherence. Additionally, pay attention to the balance between the two rooms in terms of the information provided, ensuring that each aspect is covered with a similar level of detail and emphasis.

Band điểm Lexical Resource ước lượng: 7

Band Score: 7.0

Explanation: The essay demonstrates a sufficient range of vocabulary with some flexibility and precision. It effectively uses less common lexical items and shows awareness of style and collocation. The writer makes occasional errors in word choice and word formation, but these do not significantly impede communication. The vocabulary used is generally appropriate for the task, providing a clear description of the student rooms and making comparisons where relevant.

How to improve: To enhance the lexical resource further and aim for a higher band score, the writer could incorporate a wider variety of academic vocabulary specific to the topic. Additionally, paying closer attention to minor errors in word choice and formation would contribute to a smoother and more polished expression. Consider incorporating more varied sentence structures and idiomatic expressions to add sophistication to the language. Overall, maintaining consistency in the accuracy and precision of vocabulary will contribute to a more polished and higher-scoring essay.

Band điểm Grammatical Range & Accuracy ước lượng: 8

Band Score: 8.0

The essay demonstrates a commendable command of grammatical structures with a wide range of sentence constructions. The sentences are predominantly error-free, showcasing a high level of accuracy. The writer effectively communicates complex ideas using a variety of sentence forms. Minor errors, if any, are rare and do not impede the overall clarity and coherence of the essay.

How to improve:
To achieve a higher band score, the writer can focus on further diversifying sentence structures to enhance expressiveness. While the essay is proficient in grammar, incorporating a few advanced structures with absolute precision can contribute to achieving a Band 9. Additionally, maintaining this level of accuracy across all sentences and structures will strengthen the overall quality of the essay.

Bài sửa mẫu

Certainly! Here’s an improved version of the IELTS Task 1 report:


The provided diagrams illustrate the floor plans of student accommodations in an Australian university. Specifically, they depict two distinct room layouts designed for individual and shared occupancy, each tailored to suit the preferences and needs of the residents.


The diagrams showcase two types of rooms, one intended for a single occupant and the other designed to accommodate two students. Despite their similar dimensions, the rooms cater to different lifestyle choices. The single room, priced at $200 per week, offers privacy and simplicity with a solitary bed, a study desk positioned adjacent to a window, and a compact attached bathroom. In contrast, the room for two students, priced at $350 weekly, encourages a shared living experience, featuring twin beds, individual study desks, and additional communal furniture like a bookshelf, cupboard, table, and chairs. Both rooms share a similar layout in terms of a nearby bathroom and a side window, albeit differing in furniture arrangement.

Detailed Analysis:

Examining the single student room further, it provides a cost-effective and secluded space ideal for focused studying. The solitary bed and study desk, strategically placed by the window, offer potential access to natural light, fostering an optimal environment for academic pursuits. The compact yet functional attached bathroom ensures convenience without compromising on space.

In contrast, the shared room for two students encourages a sense of companionship and shared responsibility. Despite identical dimensions to the single room, this accommodation hosts two separate beds and study areas, emphasizing individuality within a communal space. The inclusion of additional shared furniture such as a bookshelf, cupboard, and table with chairs promotes collaboration and mutual use, fostering an environment conducive to shared living.


In summary, the diagrams delineate contrasting living arrangements catered to individual preferences at the Australian university. The single room prioritizes privacy and simplicity, while the shared room emphasizes companionship and shared resources, both reflecting the diverse needs and choices of students.

This revised version maintains the original information while enhancing the clarity, coherence, and organization of the report as required in an IELTS Task 1 essay.

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