Think of two different teachers you have had. Was one method more interesting or effective for you?’ Compare their teaching methods using block organization and the same points of comparison.

Think of two different teachers you have had. Was one method more interesting or effective for you?' Compare their teaching methods using block organization and the same points of comparison.

It's my final year in secondary school and I am very close to the transition exam from grade 9th to 10th. This is the year that I need others help, too not just studying on my own for the whole time like the past year. So I took extra class for Maths, Literature and Biology. While studying there, I was very closed with my teachers, especially Ms.Anh – my Maths teacher and Mrs.Thu – my Biology teacher. I very like both of them eventhough they are different in many categories that make their own style of teaching methods and both styles are good. But one in my opinion is more interesting and one is more effective than the other. The different in their teaching methods mainly focus on their personality, their ways of creating the atmosphere in the class and their focusing on theory and practice.

First is Ms.Anh – my Maths teacher. She is the one who saved me from falling Maths in school. I was terrible at Maths in grade 8th that I scored 4 out of 10 points. But she gave me another chance to redo my test and increase my point. That was the time when I started liking her. At first I though Maths is the most bored subject in the world that human has created. But after joining her extra class, I started think different about it. Her class has not much student, just about 7 to 8 student so she could focus more on each student study. We all know each other because we came from the same school and some even from the same class so the atmosphere is very friendly. Sometimes half of the time we spend in the class is laughing and joking with each other and you know what, Ms.Anh joined that, too! She started some of our jokes and let us had a comfortable atmosphere. But by somehow we could still study good and always in control. She was really kind and always help us when we have some troubles. Time goes by and you know what, I think I'm pretty ok with Maths now! What a suprise, right? Her class is so fun that I always wait to go to her class and well, that is one of the reason I started get interesting into Maths time by time. A different between her and the others Math teacher is that she focus more on theory than practice. This give us a more stable knowledge because when we understand theories and know how to use them we could do every Maths problem in the world!

About Mrs.Thu, well she is quite opposite from Ms.Anh. First of all because she is older and more mature than Ms.Anh so her power and energy in teaching are different, too. The class sometimes may be bored because she is pretty strict and not allow any student to have personal chat in her class. She don't regulary make jokes in class like Ms.Anh but she know how to keep us not to left her class and choose another one more fun. It's because she is an excellent teacher. Students who studied her have a really high score. We can easily see it while she is teaching. Every sentence she spoke out sound very powerfull and solid. Her class have more students than Ms.Anh's class but she still now how to make sure every of her students understand the question. Also, if you focus in her class over 90% of the time, at home you don't even need to look at the lesson again and still remember all the information. Another thing is she focus more on practice, different from Ms.Anh. She usually gave us calculating and logical multiple choice to solve which increase our understanding of the lesson pretty much. A bad student when study with her can easily become a good one. Also, at first I don't like biology very much but her lessons are just too good that now, I don't regret about my opinion of choosing biology as my honor subject.

As we can see, both of my teachers have different advantages in their teaching method. One focus more on the happy and comfortable atmosphere when one is stricter but really effective. It is obvious that I found interest in Ms.Anh 's Maths class more than Ms.Thu 's Biology class but about effective I would say Ms.Thu. She have more experiences in teaching and as I said, no need to review the lesson again if focused. I must say that Ms.Anh 's is not the best Math teacher because she is quite young and don't have much experience yet but well, she is the best in making atmosphere.

Gợi ý nâng cấp từ vựng

  1. "very close to the transition exam" -> "approaching the transition exam"
    Explanation: "Very close" is a casual phrase; "approaching" adds a more formal tone, indicating proximity to the exam without using an overly informal expression.

  2. "others help, too not just studying on my own" -> "others’ assistance, rather than solely studying independently"
    Explanation: Adjusted for clarity and formality; "others’ assistance" is more formal, and restructuring the sentence helps it flow better.

  3. "closed with my teachers" -> "connected with my teachers"
    Explanation: "Closed" is an unusual term in this context, while "connected" aligns better with formal language and conveys a strong relationship.

  4. "very like both of them" -> "strongly admire both of them"
    Explanation: "Very like" is too casual; "strongly admire" adds formality and emphasizes the depth of the admiration.

  5. "eventhough" -> "although"
    Explanation: Correcting the spelling to "although" maintains formality and standard spelling.

  6. "one in my opinion is more interesting" -> "in my opinion, one is more engaging"
    Explanation: "Interesting" is relatively informal; "engaging" is more suitable in an academic context to describe a compelling teaching style.

  7. "First is Ms.Anh" -> "Firstly, Ms. Anh"
    Explanation: Adding "Firstly" improves the structure, aligning with a more formal presentation.

  8. "At first I though Maths" -> "Initially, I considered Maths"
    Explanation: Correcting "though" to "thought" for proper past tense, and replacing "I though" with "I considered" for a more formal tone.

  9. "not much student" -> "a small number of students"
    Explanation: "Not much student" lacks formality; "a small number of students" is a more formal expression.

  10. "by somehow we could still study good" -> "somehow, we could still study well"
    Explanation: "Study good" is informal; replacing it with "study well" maintains formality and clarity.

  11. "What a suprise, right?" -> "Quite surprising, isn’t it?"
    Explanation: The informal expression "What a suprise" is replaced with a more formal and complete phrase.

  12. "started get interesting into Maths" -> "began to take an interest in Maths"
    Explanation: Rewording for clarity and formality; "get interesting" is informal.

  13. "A different between her and the others Math teacher" -> "One difference between her and the other Math teacher"
    Explanation: Correcting the grammar and structure for clarity and formality; "others Math teacher" should be "other Math teacher."

  14. "don’t regulary make jokes" -> "doesn’t regularly make jokes"
    Explanation: Adjusting grammar for the third-person singular form ("doesn’t") and correcting the spelling of "regularly."

  15. "every of her students" -> "each of her students"
    Explanation: "Every of" is unnatural; "each of" is a more appropriate phrase.

  16. "not to left her class" -> "not to leave her class"
    Explanation: Correcting the verb form to "leave" for proper grammar.

  17. "another one more fun" -> "another one that is more enjoyable"
    Explanation: Restructuring for clarity and formality; "more fun" to "more enjoyable" for academic appropriateness.

  18. "As we can see" -> "As evident"
    Explanation: Using "As evident" in place of "As we can see" maintains formality and conciseness.

  19. "found interest in" -> "developed an interest in"
    Explanation: "Found interest in" is less formal; "developed an interest in" is a more academic phrase.

  20. "no need to review the lesson again" -> "no need to review the lesson afterward"
    Explanation: Replacing "again" with "afterward" maintains the meaning while sounding more formal.

Band điểm Task Response ước lượng: 6

Band Score: 6.0

  1. Quoted text: "I was terrible at Maths in grade 8th that I scored 4 out of 10 points."

    • Explanation and Improvement Suggestions: The essay lacks a clear introduction that explicitly states the writer’s position regarding which teaching method they found more effective or interesting. This absence of a clear stance affects the essay’s structure and coherence. It’s crucial to clearly state which teacher’s method was more effective or interesting right at the beginning to set the essay’s direction.
    • Improved example: "Throughout my final year in secondary school, I experienced contrasting teaching methods between my two teachers, Ms. Anh and Mrs. Thu. While both teachers excelled in their approaches, one significantly stood out to me as more effective and engaging."
  2. Quoted text: "But after joining her extra class, I started think different about it."

    • Explanation and Improvement Suggestions: The argument lacks depth in discussing the specific teaching methods employed by each teacher. It primarily focuses on personal experiences without providing detailed examples or explanations of teaching techniques. To enhance the essay, elaborate on the specific teaching strategies used by each teacher that contributed to your changed perception.
    • Improved example: "However, upon enrolling in Ms. Anh’s supplementary classes, my perspective towards Mathematics underwent a significant shift. Her methodical breakdown of complex problems into simpler segments, combined with personalized attention to each student, made learning Math an enjoyable experience."
  3. Quoted text: "Her class have more students than Ms.Anh’s class but she still now how to make sure every of her students understand the question."

    • Explanation and Improvement Suggestions: The essay lacks a comparative analysis of teaching techniques. It describes Mrs. Thu’s teaching style but doesn’t effectively contrast it with Ms. Anh’s approach. To improve, provide a clearer comparison of how each teacher’s method impacted the student’s understanding and engagement.
    • Improved example: "Despite having a larger class size, Mrs. Thu adeptly ensures the comprehension of every student by utilizing interactive quizzes and group discussions, fostering an environment conducive to active participation and understanding."

Overall, the essay successfully highlights distinct teaching methods used by Ms. Anh and Mrs. Thu. However, it needs refinement in structuring arguments to create a more balanced and comparative analysis between the two teaching styles. Providing specific examples of teaching strategies employed by each teacher and their impact on the writer’s learning experience would significantly enhance the essay’s depth and clarity.

Band điểm Coherence & Cohesion ước lượng: 7

Band Score: 7.0

Explanation: The essay demonstrates a logical organization of information and ideas. There is a clear progression throughout, with a distinct introduction, body paragraphs discussing Ms.Anh and Mrs.Thu separately, and a conclusion summarizing the comparison. The writer uses a range of cohesive devices appropriately, contributing to the overall coherence. The essay presents a clear central topic within each paragraph, discussing Ms.Anh’s teaching style first and then transitioning to Mrs.Thu. The writer effectively uses cohesive devices to connect ideas, contributing to the overall coherence of the essay.

How to Improve: To enhance coherence and cohesion, the writer can improve paragraphing logic. While the essay generally follows a logical sequence, some sentences could be reorganized for smoother transitions between ideas. Additionally, more explicit linking words or phrases can be employed to guide the reader through the flow of ideas. Ensure that the focus on each teacher’s teaching style remains consistent within their respective paragraphs.

Band điểm Lexical Resource ước lượng: 7

Band Score: 7.0

The essay demonstrates a good range of vocabulary, providing a clear description of the two teachers’ contrasting styles. The writer effectively conveys their opinions and experiences. There is evidence of a variety of vocabulary, including words related to teaching methods, atmosphere, and characteristics of the teachers. However, there are occasional inaccuracies and lapses in word choice that prevent it from reaching a higher band score. For example, there are instances of awkward phrasing and a few errors in grammar and word usage. The essay also lacks complexity in sentence structures and could benefit from more precise and sophisticated language use.

How to improve:
To enhance the Lexical Resource, the writer should focus on refining word choice and sentence structures. Careful proofreading is necessary to eliminate minor errors in grammar and usage. Expanding the range of vocabulary with more sophisticated terms related to teaching methods and creating a more seamless flow between ideas can contribute to a higher band score. Additionally, incorporating more complex sentence structures and ensuring grammatical accuracy will enhance the overall lexical quality of the essay.

Band điểm Grammatical Range & Accuracy ước lượng: 6

Band Score: 6.0

The essay demonstrates a mix of simple and complex sentence structures. There are instances of grammatical errors and punctuation issues throughout the text. However, these errors do not significantly impede communication, allowing the overall message to be conveyed. The essay showcases a variety of sentence structures but lacks full accuracy due to frequent errors.

How to improve:
To enhance the grammatical range and accuracy, focus on refining sentence structures for clarity and precision. Pay attention to subject-verb agreement, verb tense consistency, and punctuation usage. Additionally, strive for more varied and complex sentence constructions to elevate the overall quality of the writing. Practicing proofreading techniques can significantly reduce errors and improve the overall coherence of the essay.

Bài sửa mẫu

In my final year of secondary school, as I approach the transition from grade 9th to 10th, I found the need for additional support beyond self-study. Hence, I enrolled in extra classes for Maths, Literature, and Biology. During this period, I developed close relationships with two teachers, Ms. Anh – my Maths instructor, and Mrs. Thu – my Biology teacher. Despite their differences in teaching methods, both styles have their merits, with one being more captivating, and the other more effective. The variations in their approaches revolve around their personalities, classroom atmospheres, and their emphasis on theory and practice.

Let’s begin with Ms. Anh, my Maths teacher, who played a crucial role in rescuing my grades. Initially struggling with Maths in grade 8th, where I scored only 4 out of 10 points, Ms. Anh provided a second chance for me to improve. This gesture marked the beginning of my admiration for her. Unlike the large classes in the regular school setting, her extra class consisted of only 7 to 8 students. This smaller size allowed for personalized attention, creating a friendly and familiar atmosphere. Laughter and jokes were not uncommon in her class, with Ms. Anh herself participating in our camaraderie. Despite the relaxed ambiance, we managed to study effectively under her guidance. Ms. Anh’s kindness and readiness to help were evident, fostering a comfortable learning environment. Over time, I discovered a newfound interest in Maths, a subject I had previously deemed boring. The difference in her teaching approach lies in her emphasis on theory over practice, providing us with a solid foundation of knowledge.

On the other hand, Mrs. Thu, my Biology teacher, presented a contrasting teaching style. Being older and more mature than Ms. Anh, Mrs. Thu exuded a different kind of authority and energy. Her classes, while sometimes less entertaining due to strict rules against personal chatting, were compelling. Mrs. Thu’s strength lay in her excellence as a teacher, evident in the high scores achieved by her students. Despite having more students in her class compared to Ms. Anh, she ensured that each student understood the material. Her articulate and powerful delivery left a lasting impact. Mrs. Thu’s focus leaned more towards practice, as she assigned calculating and logical multiple-choice problems. This approach significantly enhanced our understanding of the subject. I initially lacked enthusiasm for Biology, but Mrs. Thu’s effective lessons changed my perspective, and now I do not regret choosing Biology as my honors subject.

In conclusion, both teachers possess unique strengths in their teaching methods. Ms. Anh creates a joyful and comfortable atmosphere, making her Maths class more engaging, while Mrs. Thu, with her strict yet effective approach, stands out as a more experienced and impactful teacher. Personally, I find Ms. Anh’s class more interesting, but in terms of effectiveness, Mrs. Thu’s approach proves to be highly beneficial. Each teacher, with their distinctive style, has played a significant role in shaping my learning experience.

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