water pollution. What are the causes and solutions to this problems?

water pollution. What are the causes and solutions to this problems?

Over the past few decades, the increasing amount of water polution has become a major problem in many countries. People have questioned what caused this problem and what can be done to improve the situation. In my opinion, two of the most critical cause of this issue are the increase of the use of pesticides and fertilizers

To begin with, Agricultural practices has contributed greatly to the increasing amount of underwater waste we produce every day. In other words, we have turned into a materialistic and mass-consumption society where we use multipe products. Several countries fishing indiscriminately has contaimnated water systems. Moreover, we used over fertilizer and pesticides that cause water polution
To sole this intratable problem, every citizen needs to participate in using less fertilizer. For example, we can make shedule that is resonable. Besides we also should fish the allowable limit. Which the government enforce stricter laws on people to protect ecosystems while also helping to avoid water pollution.
As discussed above, people and the government can share the responsibility to reduce amount of water pollution.I hope that in future our offspring will be better off with the well-preserved environment.

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